Rebecca Day & The Crazy Daysies

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  • ​​January, 2019

Happy New Year to all!

Jan. 11 (Fri.) Hemming Park; downtown Jacksonville (FL) 11:30 am-2 p.m.; duo with  Rebecca Day and Jennifer Day Thompson.

Jan. 16 (Wed.) Brick Oven Pizzeria; Fleming Island, FL; Solo show Rebecca Day 8-12 midnight.

Jan. 19 (Sat.) Fleming Island Plantation, Fleming Island, FL; 5-7 p.m.; full band with Rebecca Day, Jennifer Day Thompson, Wes Goode.

Jan. 25 (Fri) Seven Bridges Grille & Brewery; Southside, Jacksonville, FL; 8 p.m.-12 midnight; duo with Rebecca Day & Jennifer Day Thompson.

Jan. 30 (Wed.) Ragtime Tavern; Atlantic Beach, FL; 7 -11 p.m.; solo show Rebecca Day.

​​​December, 2018

Merry Christmas to all!

Dec. 5 (Wed.)  GA Homebuilders Asso. gathering; Wee Pub South; St. Mary's, GA

Dec. 7 (Fri.) 7 Bridges Grille & Brewery 
(Jacksonville, FL, Southside) 8-12; duo with Jennifer Day Thompson.

Dec. 8 (Sat.) Mellow Mushroom (Fleming Island, FL) 8:30-11:30; duo with Wes Goode

Dec. 12 (Wed.) Ragtime Tavern (Atlantic Beach, FL); 7-11; solo show Rebecca Day

Dec. 13 (Th.) Mellow Mushroom (Fleming Island, FL) 8:30-11:30; solo show Rebecca Day

Dec. 16 (Sun.) Amelia Island Coffee (Fernandina Beach, FL) 3-5; solo show Rebecca Day

Dec. 19 (Wed.) Brick Oven (Fleming Island, FL) 9-12; solo show Rebecca Day​​